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Vistana Small (S) Jeweled Steel Frame/Polarized Gray Lenses
Vistana Med Small (MS) Jeweled Cherry Frame/Polarized Gray Lenses
Vistana Jeweled Fitovers

Lens Information

The lens is the centerpiece of a fitover sunglass. Vistana fitovers feature professional grade, scratch-resistant Polaré® polarized lenses.  Polarized lenses effectively eliminate the blinding glare that is created when light reflects off of various surfaces.  Glare is especially intense around highly reflective surfaces, such as water, snow and roadways. The elimination of glare provides a tranquil environment for your eyes, allowing them to relax and focus without excess eyestrain and fatigue.   Polaré lenses are optically correct, meaning that there is no visible distortion. It is extremely important when wearing sunglass lenses over prescription eyewear that the lenses are distortion free.

Our proprietary Polaré lens system delivers optical grade visual acuity and durability.  Polaré lenses filter out 100% of damaging UVA & UVB to provide the maximum level of protection from damaging ultraviolet light waves. Polaré lenses exceed the requirements of eyewear standards ANSI Z80.3, EN 1836 and AS/NZS 1067 and all FDA impact resistance standards.

Polarized Gray

Polarized gray is a popular, general purpose tint that delivers natural color definition while reducing glare and light intensity. The tint effectively filters 100% of harmful UV A&B rays while transmitting 15% of visible light to the eyes.

Polarized Copper

Designed to remove a significant amount of scattered blue light while transmitting high levels of yellow, orange and red visible light.  This filtering combination provides maximum contrast to improve depth perception and object definition. Copper is popular for activities that require accurate distance assessment, such as driving, golf and tennis.  Filters 100% of harmful UV A&B rays and delivers 16% overall light transmission.

All Polaré lenses are scratch resistant. The durability of the lens system is reiterated by a one year scratch resistance warranty.  No sunglass lens is “scratch-proof” or “shatter-proof”, however Polaré lenses are designed to provide years of crystal clear optics without hazing or delamination.